Will artificial intelligence take over our jobs

June 1, 2107

There a lot of confusion about artificial intelligence, especially it is often is mixed with machine learning. Machine learning is part of artificial intelligence - the process of letting computers to analyze data without it being programmed specifically for that reason. However, the limitation of machine learning is that the data has to be vast and it has to be in predictive static environment. It can establish hypothesis and test the data against it. The limitation of machine learning is avoided by artificial intelligence, where it can analyze data in dynamic environment by creating simulated contingencies. Hence, machine learning and even artificial intelligence is not the same as human intelligence.

The use of machine learning is adopted when it is required to perform the same mundane tasks in predictable environment. Computers can perform this task faster and more accurate than humans, so machine learning should be viewed as a complementary tool for humans rather a tool to replace humans. Whilst machine learning performs its duties, humans can work on more challenging tasks, where creativity and heavy thought is required. However, before machine learning is fully operational the data needs to be prepared for the valid and reliable analysis. It will consume 80% of the effort first but the reward afterwards is that humans will be able to use the 20% of time to effect 80% business results.